My name is Guy, and I'm a writer, researcher, analyst, and developer in Portland, OR. I have a master's degree in Systems Science, as well as graduate certificates in Simulation and Modeling and Computational Intelligence.

My interests are broad, but here are some highlights:

  • Data Science - working with, visualizing, and modelling data to solve problems and provide insight
  • Computational social science - using simulation to understand the complex dynamics of economic and social behavior
  • Alternative modeling techniques (such as Agent Based Modeling, System Dynamics, and Discrete System Simulation)
  • The social impacts of technology, and technology ethics
  • Complexity theory, particularly as applied to questions of policy and governance, and solving problems that transcend any particular discipline

Why Systems Science? I believe that the most profound issues which we face are ones that cannot be solved with doctrinaire approaches. Disciplinary boundaries often stand in the way of seeing the big picture and of integrating diverse knowledge and methods that are critical to addressing complex issues.


More about me and what I"m working on: @gdcutting at GitHub