Added new poetry to Your Eyes, Oceans epic

Added new poems to the epic in progress Your Eyes, Oceans. The goal is to have an epic of 99 poems (one for each of the Names of God), and now I have ten that I'm pretty happy with. Onward and upward...


Your Eyes, Oceans

New Poetry: 'Your Eyes, Oceans'

Added the beginnings of a new epic poem on the poetry page: Your Eyes, Oceans

New poetry: 'Brush Strokes'

Added a new poem on the poetry page: 'Brush Strokes"

White Guard (by Mikhail Bulgakov)

Bulgakov's superbly crafted novel shows Kiev on the verge of being overwhelmed by dark forces.

Review: November, 1916 (by Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

This epic novel requires a significant commitment on the part of the reader, but that commitment is repaid in full measure.

New fiction: 'Penny For Your Thoughts'

A sketch on the terrifying possibilities of surveillance technology