'This is not a financial crisis', so the Fed pulls out all the stops

Can a crippling crisis be averted, when the markets are losing faith in the Fed's ability to provide meaningful intervention?

In the face of widespread systemic breakdown, everything is going to be different now

Prepare for everything to change. We are witnessing widespread systemic collapse - the accelerating, interrelated breakdown of multiple subsystems, failures of which are compounding on one another. This could be the beginning of the end.

Google Cloud Platform BigQuery: Getting Started

Part 1 of a series on using Google Cloud Platform's BiqQuery API to work with large public datasets

Financial Crisis Watch: Repo Market Madness

We should be very concerned about the recent disruptions in the financial markets, and the strong similarities to the last financial crisis. The next crisis might be just around the corner.

If We're Honest, A Lot Of (Tech) Companies Are Ridiculously Overvalued

WeWork may be a particularly egregious example, but even some of the most established and valuable companies are pulling the wool over our eyes, distracting us with shiny objects, and making us believe in value where there is none.

Financial Crisis Watch: CLOs are the new CDOs

The state of affairs is looking alarmingly like the lead-up to the last financial crisis. Have we already forgotten lessons learned at such great cost the last time around?