The Security Challenges of Ever More Complex Tech

The convergence of radically disruptive technologies presents unprecedented systemic security challenges. Have our systems become too complex to manage?

Internet Security Handbook

Towards improving day-to-day security practice, with recommendations from a free handbook available under GPL.

Yearning for Balance

Studies suggest that a large majority of Americans feel that we need a different, less materialistic way of life which focuses more on fundamental values like family and community. What's holding us back from making the change?

Climate Change: We May Already Be Out Of Time

A consensus is emerging from the results of a recent round of improved climate models: we are in very serious trouble, and may already be past the point of no return.

The coming recession and radical new policy responses

Keeping our economic system intact (despite all the signs that this is an unsound goal) might require increasingly aggressive interventions.

The Trade War Is Here to Stay

The trade war is not going away any time soon. All the signals are flashing for a worst-case scenario in which both sides harden, a resolution becomes further and further out of reach, and the damage compounds.