New fiction: 'All In A Night's Work'

Posted a new short story, All In A Night's Work.

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Book Review - Homo Deus: A Brief History Of Tomorrow (Yuval Noah Harari)

America is broken, but is it too late to fix it?

The coronavirus crisis is exposing the weaknesses in the American capitalist system. Is this an opportunity to remake our society for the better, or a sign that we have nowhere to go but down?

Could the COVID-19 crisis cause social collapse?

Our systems were already too complex to manage. Could coronavirus be the tipping point?

The moral and spiritual dimension of our current crisis

As in 1929, we are entering a period of crisis. Now, as then, the root of the problem is not technical, financial, or economic, but moral

'This is not a financial crisis', so the Fed pulls out all the stops

Can a crippling crisis be averted, when the markets are losing faith in the Fed's ability to provide meaningful intervention?