Why Systems Science?

What is "Systems Science"?

Our modern way of life is made possible by systems of extraordinary complexity. These systems are social, organizational, political, epistemological, personal... Humankind has created structures that perhaps exceed our ability to completely analyze and understand...

My name is Guy, and I'm a writer, researcher, analyst, and developer in Portland, OR. I have a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Alabama, and a master's degree in Systems Science from Portland State University, as well as graduate certificates in Simulation and Modeling and Computational Intelligence.

This is my personal website, writing portfolio, and general blog. Here you will find commentary on a range of subjects, fiction, poetry, and reviews of books and albums. I'm currently (spring 2020) working on a novel, which is in the late first draft stages, and which I hope to have ready for preview in another couple of months.

I have a longstanding interest in

  • Soviet and Russian history and literature
  • the history of technology
  • revolutions and other extreme events
  • the study of complex systems

and many other topics. Recent events are confirming that our highly complex social systems are more fragile than most of us understood, and I feel that it is important to look to history for guidance as we navigate this turbulent time.

I am a student of socialism, communism, anarchism, and other related political ideas and movements, and believe that capitalism, particularly in its American form, has become untenable. For too long, profits have been prioritized over people, and that much change if humanity is to reckon with the enormous social, political, and economic challenges that we face. Taking a look through my blog will give you a better idea of what's on my mind.

I am also a passionate jazz fan, collector, and audiophile, and a student of jazz history.

Besides writing, I have a wide range of professional skills and interests. I am in the process of reworking my professional website, which will be back up soon at systemscienceguy.com.